“The internal environment is to the cell as the external environment is to the human organism as a whole- the source of the factors and influences which support life.”

” On the other hand, the environment is also the source of influences that disturb cellular function and derange the balance that supports the total body economy.

The maintenance of optimum internal balance is homeostasis.

Departures from homeostatic limits are produced by alteration in the fluid matrix which in turn is secondary to altered circulatory dynamics.

Therefore one must look to variations in the integrating and communicating systems as being the cause of such aberration, and must seek means of utilizing the integrating systems to correct these aberrations, thereby returning cellular function to homeostatic limits ans health. ”

“Osteopathic Medecine”




Disorders of the Endocrine System,

William Baldwin, Jr

Chapt 16 p. 228

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