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Some patients found the combination of Osteopathy with Homeopathic remedies very complementary to help dealing with different issues, covering the mechanical and emotional factors involved in a pattern, or simply support the body’s natural potential to heal.
Homeopathy can be helpful alongside orthodox medecine, please check for experts who are experienced and qualified from a school or training recognised before taking any homeopathic remedies, it is very important to have a proper tailored assessment by a specialist, and this may vary depending on the country you are located.

Fitness shoes : 

Asics for running:

Vibram for proprioception:

Vibram FiveFingers® might be considered such a product, a revolutionary footwear design that allows our anatomy to work naturally and move more freely.

In Vibram FiveFingers®, your feet can move naturally and flex easily. Five individual toe slots let your toes separate gently, stabilizing your body and providing unrivaled balance and increased muscle stimulation to feet, ankles and lower legs. Our ultra-thin Vibram® sole delivers a sure-footed grip to help generate torque during power moves, and it enhances feedback and lowers your center of gravity to improve balance and agility. By putting your feet on a flat plane, without the downward angle caused by the heel lift in traditional shoes, your posture and alignment will improve and your joints and back will be in position for you to get the most out of your power movements.

When your whole body is engaged from the ground up, you’re able to train at a higher level. With Vibram FiveFingers®, you can count on increased balance, performance and an overall sense of control during fitness and strength conditioning.


We lie down for about 1/3 of our lives. By ensuring that you are lying on a bed and pillow that is helping your alignment you are investing in your own health.

Goldilocks Pillows has been developed by leading UK healthcare professionals.

“We began to sell Goldilocks pillows in the UK in March 2012. The concept and the pillows have become very popular very quickly and are now sold throughout the UK mainland, The Channel Islands and in France.We have become THE pillow of choice for private medical clinics that advice their patients about pillows. The Goldilocks Pillows simple, logical formula has given medical practitioners an easy to explain way to recommend the most appropriate pillow to their patients.

The patented concept, measuring device and pillows have been designed under the guidance of K S Bajwa Consultant Osteopath and other leading UK Healthcare professionals.

One size does not fit all

80% of us sleep on more than one pillow instinctively trying to achieve alignment and comfort and so better sleep. Ideally we should sleep on one pillow that is the correct height for us and keeps us aligned throughout the night. When this pillow needs replacing we should be able to confidently buy the right pillow again. Until now this has not been possible but that has changed.

Evolution of the humble pillow

We are used to buying shoes, clothes and other items according to SIZE because we know we are different shapes and build. Now we can do the same with our pillows. Find out what “PILLOW SIZE” you are (size 1,2,3,4 or 5). Then buy just one pillow, to sleep on, knowing that it is the right height for you and that it will keep you aligned better than any other pillow.”


No specific brand to advise, but quite firm, to provide a sufficient support, to counteract the gravity effects. When being onto your back, too soft can feel nice at first, but it does not provide a sufficient support which may lead to your body being twisted into rotation or sidelying more easily and more randomly during your sleep. Also try to spend some time at the end of your day, just a few minutes, being onto your back, even if later during the night you feel the need to move into different positions, this can help the process of rehydration of your intervertebral discs (which happens at the end of the day and when being onto your back).This will help give a break from your prolonged sitting or standing position you might have had during the day and it would give an opportunity for your back muscles aka erector spinae to relax. Those muscles have a name which says that they help maintain your spine upright, or an erected spine against gravity, also those muscles are helping movements of extension into your vertebral spine, so being onto your back will bring them into a more neutral position therefore encourage a rest and your body to restore energy biomechanically from the daily contraints or efforts.

A.Vogel products:

«Nature is a great healer. All that man can do is to encourage the natural processes  by taking the right steps.» Alfred Vogel (1902 – 1996) The Swiss pioneer of natural health, Alfred Vogel, dedicated his whole life to achieving recognition for naturopathy and herbal medicine.

However, if you are worried about any health condition, it is always advisable to have a face-to-face consultation with a doctor or other healthcare practitioner in order to obtain a diagnosis and treatment advice.

Meditation App:

Empowering self-development and meditations resources for life on the go.


Calm App:


Sports/ Physical Activities:




Fit’Ballet by Octavie Escure :

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