I came to see Capucine with a severe backache while I was pregnant. She treated me quickly and efficiently with very gentle manipulations. I was perfectly satisfied with those smooth sessions which removed my pain.

Since then, she took care of my little baby after his birth and of my 9 years old daughter to relax their body tensions.

Capucine is always cheerful and very patient with kids. I am happy to recommend her.

Amelie F.

“I started seeing Capucine in preparation for a major jaw operation due to an openbite and an overbite. Post-operation, I have had regular follow-up sessions with her to work on my jaw pains and related pains to my neck and my head. She worked on the jaw and the surrounding muscles, the palate as well as the forehead, neck and skull. The jaw swelling and cracking disappeared more rapidly as well as the jaw pain, but some work, from time to time, is still required to address remaining tensions. I only trust Capucine to work directly with softness and depth on my jaw.”

Daphnee B.

“I still remember very well seeing Capucine, who was recommended to me by a friend, the first time for a treatment. This was several years ago and I was not quite sure what to expect from osteopathy.
My back was painful and I could hardly walk- definitely had my lessons in getting carried away holding a paintbrush and over-stretching.
I was pleasantly surprised how gentle the treatment was and that indeed it helped without experiencing any pain.
Happily, and pain free after some sessions, I have recommend Capucine to my friends.”

Aurelie S.

After being treated by Capucine, I always feel a million dollars. She is very caring, conscientious and knowledgeable. She is also very good at explaining the root of problems, what the current situation is and how to resolve the issues going forward.

Laura S., working in Finance

I had several treatments with Capucine in Anamaya Health Centre. She has a very gentle touch, yet efficient. Highly recommended.”  

Claire D.,  High Street Kensington, Private French Teacher and Translator in Central London

I would highly recommend Capucine as an osteopath. She has helped me on many occasions including for a stiff neck, a lower back pain, a displaced jaw and recovering from an ankle sprain. She has a very gentle touch, she is caring, competent and I always felt in safe hand.

Pauline P.

Names have been changed in the interest of patient confidentiality.


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